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Żydowska cenzura na YouTube.

YouTube cenzura

W Polskiej emisji YT żydzi zablokowali dostęp do popularnego w USA in na świecie konta :  Brother Nathanael Kapner.

Nathanael Kapner –  w zasadzie – nie mówi tam nic nowego, nic specjalnego. Czymś specjalnym jest jedynie to, że N. Kapner mówi o żydach i ich roli w świecie bez filosemickiego nabożeństwa, a co żydom się należny.

W Polsce – krainie Ludu Wojtylian – postawa taka uchodzi za nieobyczajną i słusznym jest to, że cenzura stanęła wysokości zadania chroniąc polaczków przed tą perfidną i wstrętną edycją antysemityzmu.


– Tak wyświetla się  konto N.Kapnera,

– Transkrypcja zbanowanego tekstu.

(-) Red.



żydowska cenzura

The Great Transformation
By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Since the advent of Christ the Greco-Roman world has experienced three transformations.

The first was the shift from idolatry to the worship of the true God of the Bible.

The second was the Great Schism between East and West followed by the fragmentation of the Latin Church by the Protestant Reformation.

The third was the annihilation of Sacred Monarchy replaced by “democracy”…a euphemism for Jewish rule…whose oligarchy was established by Paul Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb Bank, the US agent for the consolidation of the Rothschild Empire in America.

Western Civilization is now undergoing what I call, “The Great Transformation,” holding within its grasp the makings of a One World Government fully under the command of International Jewry.

“Globalization”—whose levers of world trade are governed by Jewish finance—has been engineered by global Jewish Groups (as I’ve proven time and again) into a visual social experience throughout what was once known as Christendom.

Go to Sweden and you’re in Sub-Saharan Africa. Seattle brings you to Saudi Arabia and New Delhi. Go to Belgium and you’re in Tunisia. And in Minneapolis you’ll swear you’re in Somalia.

This Great Transformation not only includes the blurring of national distinctiveness but a muddying of gender, race, and natural ability via Affirmative Action Laws promoted by the American Jewish Committee and the World Jewish Congress beginning in the 1960’s.

Other Jewish-led Groups, namely, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Federation of Teachers, actively promote homosexuality in our public schools, targeting the young, impressionable minds of kindergarten thru 4th grade children.

Both Foxman and Weingarten would be behind bars if they tried to pull this off in Orthodox Christian Russia which just passed a law forbidding targeting children with homosexual propaganda.

But in the once-Christian West, the blurring of gender and natural distinctiveness brings only ONE highly organized race, International Jewry—bound together by a ’semi-religious’ memory—as masters over the clueless masses.

And once Jewry neutralizes the last vestiges of military and nuclear opposition in Syria, Iran, and Pakistan, the Zionist program of world domination will be reached.

Pax Romana fell due to unrestrained government spending, misrule, immorality, and mass immigration.

Pax Americana is putrefying in the same decay and dissolution.

Pax Judaica is only a hair’s-breadth away.


Data publikacji: 12.07.2013

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