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Patykiem pisane – Jerzy blog from Australian prison – 56

Więzienny blog Jerzego Ulickiego-Reka, twórcy Forum Polska Walcząca.


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Jerzy (George) Ulicki – Rek has been sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. Non parole period is 2.5 years.  That means that he still has 8 months to go before becoming ‘eligible’ for the parole  and then it is not automatic but dependent on unknown factors.
He needs all the assistance he can get to survive and to maintain his health and saneness.

Although ‘classified’ as ‘low security’ prisoner and theoretically  eligible to go to a prison farm or another more human location,
he has been transferred to high security prison to keep him on a shorter leash.

Jerzy (George) Ulicki – Rek
Junee Correctional Centre, 197 Park Lane, JUNEE NSW 2663

Postal Address
PO Box 197
Phone: (02) 6924 3222

* Jerzy made significant contribution to raising public awareness by publishing lots of material
* Due to his publishing activity he is obvious target by the dark forces

He has been running several web sites exposing black forces manipulating our societies, depravity of so called ‘democracy’, usury banking etc. He has been also active on several forums and blogs.

A call to prison to enquire about his wellbeing  will let those mongrels know that he is not forgotten. Well wish card will cheer him up.

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