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A Response to Israel… (Polskie Napisy)

Materiał wideo do rozsyłania anglojęzycznym judeofilom.

Please share this video as widely as possible and help spread the historical truth that: There were no Polish Death Camps. Poland did not collaborate with Nazi Germany. Poles overwhelmingly did not collaborate with the Nazi German occupiers. Obviously, not all Poles were courageous saints; no one in Poland is denying that some Poles did despicable things, nor is anyone denying that there wasn’t some anti-Semitism in Poland before, during or after the War. However, the simple truth is that the camps were designed, created, operated, staffed, and run by Nazi Germany and their collaborators. This is a Nazi German crime and referring to them as anything else is an affront to the victims of that murderous regime. Shifting the blame of the Holocaust from the Nazi German perpetrators to their Polish victims is effectively whitewashing German crimes and is a form of Holocaust denial.

Film i montaż : Jan Tompson

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